Submit Arts Events


Itasca Area artists and organizations are invited to submit your events for the quarterly Grand Arts section of the Herald Review. Any local arts related events or projects can be included in this special section that celebrates and promotes the arts in our region.


August 1        (for Sept – Nov)

November 1  (for Dec – Feb)

February 1    (for Mar – May)

May 1            (for Jun -Aug)

How to Submit:

1. Log into Dropbox
If you are new to Dropbox you’ll need to create a FREE account. Here is a easy to use tutorial with pictures:
Follow this link to create your folder and upload content to our Grand Arts Dropbox:


2. Create a folder 
Create a folder for your organization/artist and title it accordingly (example: MacRostie Art Center) then upload content. Be sure to choose the correct season to create your folder in (e.g. Fall 2017)
3. Review
Everyone is accountable for their own submissions. Please check your folders to make sure your content is correct and has been uploaded, successfully! (Please note that content added after the due date may not make it into print.)
Questions? Call Chelsey Jo at 218-326-2697.


What to include in your submissions


  • Title
  • Date(s)/Time(s)
  • Short description (50 words or less)
  • Website
  • Image (optional)


Press release:

  • Approximately 500 – 700 words
  • May submit one press release per issue
  • Sample:


{Contact person and his/her info}

{Organization/Individual} Presents {Name and/or Description of Event}


{City, State}{Organization/Individual} will present {Name of Event}, taking place at {Location of Event} on {Date}, and featuring {performers, guests, showcases, etc.}.

{Organization/Individual} is proud to bring {Name of Event} to {Location of Event} for {the first time, the tenth year in a row, etc.}. {Name of Event} will {further description on what will take place at event}.

{More details about event; include ticket prices, if applicable, and where/how to purchase tickets}.

{Quote from performer, guest, previous attendees, critics, etc.}

{Boilerplate about organization/group/individual, event and/or any prominent performers and/or guests}.