Becky’s New Car to open at the Edge

Sets, props, costumes, sound effects, and fancy lighting are all being worked on by our legion of clever volunteers in anticipation of opening night, THURSDAY, April 25th at 7:00pm.
Oh yes, actors are working too at home on memorizing and in the theatre with me.

Becky’s New Car is billed as a modern comedy of manners, but at its heart it is a farce with mistaken identities (sort of), a huge number of runs on and off stage, feverishly fast costume and prop changes, and mixed up cell phones and cars. In order to integrate all of those frantic elements during tech week, all the lines have to be learned “cold” well before!

There is a new scenic element we’re using in this show. Tom Magni, our designer, has built a stage extension into the orchestra pit with platforms, step units, and custom-fitted pieces that will bring the actors almost right into the audience’s laps! As a matter of fact, seating will be from the front of theatre first.

You regulars know, we’re always up to something new with each fresh show! Watch for our regular FaceBook postings about the rehearsal process.

Tickets are available at Two Rivers Cenex, Bigfork Valley Gift Nest, online, at the Edge Office  Tickets are $12 and $5 for the Thursday-Sunday, April 25-28, 7pm and 2pm on Sunday.