Grand Rapids High School presents “Footloose: the Musical”

A teenager from Chicago named Ron  McCormack finds himself in a small town in the South.  This young man has a song in his heart and a skip in his feet.  He experiences the culture shock of living in the south but then finds the town has outlawed dancing following a tragedy a few years earlier.  He goes up against Reverend Shaw Moore, who is behind the ban on dancing, but whose daughter Ariel has become his love interest.  Ron can’t accept this because he loves to dance.  John Persons plays Ron, Christopher Matetich plays Reverend Shaw, while Emily LaPlant plays his wife Vi.  GRHS Choir Director Scott Shrimpton had seen the movie but was very impressed that the musical fleshed everything out much more than the movie had.  He’s wanted to produce this play for several years.  Don’t miss this exciting musical at the Reif Center this Thursday through Saturday, April 25 through 27.  General Admission tickets are available at the door.   Adults $8.00 and students $5.00