The heartbeat of the art community.


In April of 2008, through a grant from Watercolorsthe Blandin Foundation, a group of area art organizers met to create an arts collective. This new organization would strive to build and educate audiences about the arts in their community, work jointly to market their individual events, and most importantly, establish the Grand Rapids area as the arts destination in northern Minnesota. These meetings led to the creation of Grand Rapids Arts.

With further support from the Blandin Foundation, Grand Rapids Arts developed a strategic plan and recruited a Board of Directors and committee members. Since September of 2010 the Board of Directors has met regularly to put the ideas of the Grand Rapids Arts members into action.


Our Mission 

Grand Rapids Arts is the heartbeat of the art community, connecting people by encouraging creativity, collaboration, and accessibility of the arts for all.


Grand Rapids Area Arts Organizations

Grand Rapids Area Male Chorus 
The Grand Rapids Male Chorus brings together thirty to forty men of all ages from the Grand Rapids area with regular rehearsals and performances throughout the region.

Grand Rapids Players
The Grand Rapids Players present three to five theater productions each year with actors, directors, and all theater personnel from the Grand Rapids community.

Itasca Community Television, Inc.
ICTV is a nonprofit organization with a mission to strengthen the Itasca area through public access media. It produces and accepts video content for playback on local cable television and via its website www.watchictv.org. It is funded through the Grand Rapids Area Cable Commission, grants, service fees, and memberships.

Itasca Choral Society 
Itasca Choral Society sponsors Itasca Community Chorus and the Tuesday Summer Concert Series. The mixed choir rehearses weekly from September through April and delivers four concerts annually. Itasca Community Chorus makes quality choral music accessible to all. ICS features accomplished instrumental and vocal soloists and ensembles during the summer concerts.

Itasca Orchestra and Strings Program
The Itasca Orchestra and Strings Program (IOSP) provides opportunities to learn, hear, and perform orchestral music for the youth and adults in Itasca County. IOSP presents three symphony and three student concerts a year and offers strings instruction to youth and adults.

Northern Community Radio
KAXE 91.7 builds community in northern Minnesota through radio programming, cultural events, and interactive media. The studios are located on the north bank of the Mississippi River in downtown Grand Rapids, and the site features an outdoor amphitheater with a large saddleback tent, donated by Rotary, used in season for concerts, festivals, and community gatherings. KAXE 91.7 celebrated 33 years of public radio broadcasting in 2011.

MacRostie Art Center
MacRostie Art Center (MAC) is dedicated to community growth through the arts in northern Minnesota. MAC offers classes, monthly exhibitions, and an art shop.

Myles Reif Performing Arts Center 
Since 1981 the Myles Reif Performing Arts Center has been dedicated to stimulating the arts in northern Minnesota with a truly diverse range of world-class performances and art exhibitions. The Reif Center auditorium seats 600 and serves the Grand Rapids High School for presentations and performances.

The Edge Center for the Arts 
The Edge Center in Bigfork, MN is a gallery and performing hall seating 275 that hosts diverse, quality artistic performances and exhibitions. It is a place for community arts collaboration and growth and a place where the arts stimulate the thinking and emotions of the residents of Northern Minnesota.